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Get immediate cash assistance anywhere you go, anytime you need it. Receive cash instantly without going through a number of tedious application processes. It is simple, easy-to-use, and convenient. No minimum credit and paid directly to your account. So, what are you waiting for? Apply Now!

Secured Online Lending Solutions

Payday loans can be your best pal whenever you need cash immediately. You can have your funds deposited to your account within minutes. It is a secured online lending service that allows you to apply without credit boundaries. Instant cash that you can always rely on. And it is absolutely free!

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Secure Process

Protecting your personal information is our topmost priority. Your data is safely secured online, 24/7. So you don’t have to worry about having your information online. Apply for a loan and get funds online in the most safe and secure way.


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Have your funds deposited directly to your account. There’s no need for you to visit banks or lending centers just to get your money. Once you’re approved, we send your funds instantly to your checking account. Easy, fast, and convenient.


Credit Problem*

Got bad credit? No worries. Having bad or no credit history makes it difficult to apply for a loan. But not with us. Don’t bother worrying about your credit. You are eligible to apply for such loans even with poor or thin credit line. We’ve got it all covered.


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Emergency Loans

When an emergency happens, many of us don’t have enough in our savings to cover the amount.

If this is you, perhaps you’re considering an emergency loan for help. Now, every financial expert out there will tell you that you should have anywhere between 3-6 months worth of savings for emergencies. For many of us that is just not possible.

The good news is if you need a loan fast, there are options available no matter your situation. Let’s take a look at some of those options below and how they may help or hurt you. But first, let’s breakdown what an emergency loan is.

What Is An Emergency Loan?

Basically, an emergency loan is any loan that does not come in the form of a traditional loan. For example, a student loan, mortgage, car loan, etc. An emergency loan is more commonly known as a payday loan.

Emergency loans can come in the form of credit card cash advantages, payday loans, even pawn shop loans.

What Are My Options?

There are many options available to you if you need money for an emergency. Just be sure to do your research first and apply to the lenders who will give you the lowest rates. These are the best emergency loans if you need money in a hurry:

Personal Loans

This type of loan is usually short-term, between one and seven years, and the interest rate is based on a combination of a borrower’s credit history and personal income.

Your credit score, income, as well as the amount you borrow and the loan terms affect the rate you receive on a personal loan. If you want to apply for a personal loan, they are available at banks, credit unions, and more recently, direct lenders.

Direct Lenders

If you are facing unexpected expenses and have limited options to access cash, a direct lender may have a practical solution.
When and how the money is made available to you depends on the direct lender and the banks involved. Direct lenders eliminate the middle man and will not sell your personal information to third-parties.

Credit Card Cash Advances

A credit card cash advance is a type of short-term loan borrowed against your line of credit. For example, if you have a $1000 line of credit and need to borrow $500, you will have $500 left on your line of credit minus the fees involved.
Basically, you are using your credit card to buy cash instead of goods or services.

What If I Have Bad Credit

Having bad credit can make it difficult to get money fast if an emergency arises.
For instance, your loan application may not be approved. Most lenders look at those with poor credit as “high-risk” so they may not be so eager to lend you the money.

You will also be subject to higher interest rates. If a lender approves your application, they’ll make you pay for being high-risk by attaching a sky-high interest rate on your loan. The higher the interest rate, the more you are paying towards the interest and not the principle.
In spite of all this, there ARE loans out there for people with bad credit. Many instant cash institutions are more than willing to lend money to people with bad credit. The catch here is that just like regular banks, instant cash places will also charge you a high interest rate — up to 400%!

Online Emergency Loans

Nowadays, it seems like everyone is looking for an option that will fit their active lifestyles. Most instant cash places will usually offer you the option of either applying in person or online.

If you are applying online, you will need to create some type of account so you can log back in if necessary. Next, the loaning institution will prompt you for your personal and income information. Be advised! Filling in false information is a crime.
From there, they will tell you the amount you are qualified to borrow based on your credit health. You can choose to borrow the whole amount or another amount of your choosing. It’s best advised to borrow only what you need.

Finally, you will come to your loan agreement. This is an online version of a paper contract. Also known as “the fine print.” READ THIS AGREEMENT!!! I can’t stress this enough.

In this agreement, you will find important information such as your interest rate, how many payments you will have to make until the loan is paid off, and if you will have to go to arbitration if you default on your loan.

There are hundreds of lenders online waiting to assist your needs. Places like Lending Tree, One Main Financial, and Credible all offer competitive rates and will work with you regarding interest rate and payment plans.

Need Cash Fast?

To help consumers locate lending institutions in your city, www.erates.com offers an extensive list of lenders in practically every city and state. Just type in “fast cash loans near me” in Google to find results quickly.

No Credit Check Cash Loans

Are you in need of cash fast but have no credit? A no credit check loan may be a perfect fit for you. A no credit check loan (aka a payday loan) is a loan where the lender evaluates your creditworthiness without a formal review of your credit report.

The caveat to a payday loan is that if you can’t pay back your loan in full by the time of your next pay, you are forced to pay the “roll-over” fee, thus extending the life of your loan and causing your interest rates to skyrocket.

This can lead to a never-ending cycle of debt!

If you are having trouble coming up with cash, an emergency loan may be your best option to help you buy some time until your next paycheck. Make sure you understand all the risks involved and make sure you have a solid plan for paying off your debt.


If you’re ready to apply for a loan, click “Apply now” and follow the instructions provided to you. It is fast, easy, and convenient. If you have concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to reach us out. We’ll be happy to help. Apply now and get the funds you need instantly.